Other Information

We provide including in the cost:

*All meals, snacks and drinks

*Aldi Nappies and Aldi wipes

*Medicines e.g Paracetamol, Prition and Ibuprofen (if needed and only with parents / carer’s permission)

*Nivea Suncream

*Library book bag


A hot meal and pudding are provided each full day, short day, school day or AM session that your child attends. Breakfast and afternoon snacks are also provided. Tea is provided if your child attends a session between 4pm – 4:30pm.

Our fully qualified kitchen staff prepare and cook the meals on site in our kitchen.
Four weekly menu’s will be available for parents to see at all times.  These can be adjusted to cater for specific allergy or dietary requirements. An ‘Additional Needs Care Plan’ will be completed alongside the parent/ carer to discuss any allergies or dietary requirements.

Milk and water are available in the nursery rooms throughout the day.  Fruit is available at snack time at 10:00am and 2:00pm throughout the nursery.


Parents / Carers will need to ensure that children are provided with suitable named clothing, e.g. spare clothes, sun hat, rain mac, wellies, winter coat, gloves, etc.

Please can you provide a reusable bag (this can be a bag for life or swim bag etc) to put dirty clothes in to take home as we don’t supply nappy sacks to be more of a eco friendly nursery.


A full list of our polices and procedures is displayed on site for parents to read at their own convenience. Our policy of the month will be displayed on our parent / carer information board.


Children who are suffering from an infectious disease or who are not feeling well enough to attend nursery should be kept at home.
Parents are requested to inform the nursery if any symptoms of ill health are shown by children.
If your child requires medication while at nursery, parents must give written permission.
If your child becomes ill while in the care of the nursery, you will be contacted and asked to take your child home.
Qualified nursery staff will, when necessary, give basic first aid treatment to children following accidents. If further medical treatment is required, the parent / carer will be contacted immediately and the nursery manager will take the appropriate action. Parents / carers will be informed of all accidents and will be asked to read and sign an ‘Accident Form’.

There are also other forms called Injury on Arrival, Injury Discovered, 1 Hourly Head Bump Checks, Medication and Sickness Records that we complete and inform to parents / carers if needed.  All these forms would be explained fully on a show around of the nursery.


Our latest Ofsted inspection was on the 29th November 2016, you can view our latest report here.