Puffin Room

DSC_0488This airy, open plan room provides your child with a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment to play and learn in. Children are encouraged to become more independent, with support and reassurance from staff when needed. We aim to give children confidence and motivation for the future by providing a variety of activities that help them to progress according to their differing abilities.

Children are split into two areas, with 2-3 year olds who still require nurturing after Starfish in one section, and the more confident 2-5 year olds in another. The room has a lovely view of the garden and children are able to see each other in each section of the room.

There are large doors leading to an extensive outdoor play area. Coat pegs are provided to allow independence when wishing to play outside. Children have access to a sleep/rest area and two toilet facilities, one with changing facilities for children in the process of ‘toilet training’.

Children are encouraged to explore greater independence and social skills. Staff follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) as directed by OFSTED. This provides structured and balanced activities that are relevant to each child
and above all, fun.

Children develop a good relationship with their key worker through play and various activities provided. Each child’s key worker works with parents to ensure parents gain an understanding of their child’s day.