About Sandytots

Opened in 2013

At Sandytots Nursery we have high expectations of ourselves. We aim to provide high quality care and a wide range of stimulating and fun experiences that will help children develop the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to help them make sense of the world. 

Our rooms are laid out in well organised areas, where appropriate equipment and materials are easily accessible to the children. This enables them to make choices and become independent learners. All nursery rooms lead out into secure and well equipped gardens. 

We have a fantastic outdoor area split into two sections for younger children aged 0-2 and older children aged between 2-3 room and 3-5 room. This secure play area give children the opportunity to spend time each day getting plenty of fresh air. A range of toys are also available, from balls and bikes, to the large climbing frame and sand pits.  

Your key worker

Sandytots Nursery runs a ‘Key Worker’ system. This means your child will be allocated a member of staff who has a responsibility for developing a trusting and caring relationship with you and your child. 

It is important to us that children feel that they ‘belong’ and their Key Worker will ensure new children are settled into the group as quickly and easily as possible. Children develop a good relationship with their key worker through play and various activities provided. 

Parents are encouraged to visit with their child prior to starting nursery to help build up their confidence in this new environment. Contact us to set up an appointment for a show around.

Your child’s key worker will ensure your child is developing a range of new skills and is settled and happy. We aim to work in partnership with you to ensure that this happens and provide regular opportunities for you to discuss your child’s progress. Feedback is recorded on Tapestry for each child, providing information regarding activities, meals, sleeping and nappy changes. This ensures parents gain an understanding of their child’s day.

Our Passion

Our passion is learning, but learning through play,
We don’t want to sit, we’re not wired that way.

Out in the water, we can learn with such pleasure,
Filling and pouring, yet learning with measure.

The sand pit; such fun, but imagine the teaching,
Planning and building, yet no one is preaching.

Our imaginations on fire, we scribe our own stories,
We love receiving stickers, we learn through our glories.

We’re making friends, whilst improving our speech,
Our environment’s our classroom, set out right to teach. 

There’s nothing you can’t learn, by moving around,
We wiggle and poke, with our bums on the ground. 

At Sandytots Nursery we build up resilience
We’re proud and we’re happy, to show off our brilliance .

Our passion is learning, but learning through play,
Don’t sit us down, we’re not wired that way.


At Sandytots we use Tapestry Journal in order to assist staff and families keep up to date with their children’s learning and development. 


At Sandytots we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  


Our latest OFSTED inspection was on 21st September 2021, you can view our latest report below.

What Our Parents and Carer's Say:

*Thanks for all the support you have given to our family during his time at Sandytots – as I put in my card to the team last week, you are all wonderful and we are so grateful for the role you have played in his development….and for all the fun times you have given him. 

*Just wanted to say thank you again for everything you have all done to help my daughter enjoy her time at nursery . 

*Very kind and always positive environment. And individual attention for my boy.

*My son enjoys his time in nursery. His key worker is really great and seems very on top of how he is doing. I appreciate the photos and descriptions of some of the activities on Tapestry. Also whenever I’ve needed to get anything sorted with the nursery office the response is always prompt and helpful.

*Friendly staffs, lovely environment, well equipped.

*My son has loved going to nursery. Everyone made him welcome and comfortable. The staffs are always positive and kind and patient. I really appreciate all your care for him.

*My son has had a wonderful 4 years at Sandytots. I still remember his first day and I was so tearful and emotional and I remember been given a little Keepsake for his first day and was very kind and reassuring. It has been so much easier for me to put him into a nursery where I know he is safe, cared for and has so much fun! I’m very sad to see him leave but he’s so ready for his next chapter! Thank you ladies

*Thanks for taking care of our child

*Provide great outdoor play, extra activities such as didi dance, utilise tapestry to communicate to parents. Are responsive to parent’s questions/concerns in a timely manner.

*Basically I’ve seen great improvements in my child and is they now so much more sociable. She’s also now more open to learning and interacting with others.

*I think the staff are brilliant, so friendly and my child doesn’t stop talking about the “nursery ladies”. I love hearing about his day and I love to share his stories from home, they never seem to rushed to listen. I was so impressed with the nativity at Christmas, the staff did brilliantly. Every child was included in some way, which must of been hard because of the varying age groups. The menu is full of variety, he eats really well at nursery he tries things that I wouldn’t even imagine him eating at home. I love picking him up to hear feedback about his day and seeing his pictures hes painted. Especially on special days when they’ve been busy making a card or a little gift for them to take home for us.


*Sandytots is without doubt the best nursery in Stafford! The genuine care shown by staff and tailored approach afforded to each child make it a truly special place for early years care, especially the emphasis on social/emotional development.

*From day 1 to the present time the staff have been very welcoming in both child and parents. Seeing my child develop throughout his nursery life has been exceptional and its a credit to the nursery/staff.

*My daughter loves coming to nursery. She talks about how lovely her teachers are so it’s gave me confident as a parent that she was having a good time learning, sharing and experiencing all different opportunities to get her ready for primary school . So thank you Sandy Tots Team

*All in all, Sandytots is a great nursery and I will hopefully be bringing my second baby here next year

*My daughter had a fantastic time. When I was looking for nursery for her and got to Sandytots to look around, immediately I got in, I knew this was the nursery for her. Lovely member of staff and friendly. Very welcoming. 

*She learnt so many things in all area of developments. Thanks to all member of staff and to Julie.

*My daughter loved her time at sandytots and all the staff who I have the pleasure in meeting where lovely and did there job well.

*My son has enjoyed his time at nursery and he had become a very independent little boy and I’m sure he will miss you all . We thank you for your help time and patience and wish you all the best.

*It is such a friendly caring environment and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you. Also I love your amazing hallway displays, love seeing the next one coming along so hope you keep these up!

*She loved every day at the nursery, she thrived. She have had her own circle of friends, she was always talking about the staff and how they cared for her. We felt that she is safe and cared for.

*Thank you to all for making her feel so welcome and helping her to settle after moving nurseries. She has thoroughly enjoyed her time making new friends and is now ready to start school.

*Everything you do is the best way for our children ❤️